How much does iSPYexplore cost?

iSPYexplore is free to download, contains no in-app purchases or advertisements and does not link to any social media sites. This means you can be confident that your child can play and learn safely.

How do I get iSPYexplore on my phone or tablet?

Search for iSPYexplore in the Google Play or I-Tunes app stores.We recommend typing the full name.

What are the requirements?

iSPYexplore requires a minimum of Android 3.1 or IOS 7 and up.

How much Data will I use up?

Data usage over 3G and 4G is designed to be very light and most venues will have WIFI meaning no data is used at all.
Once the app and play pack are downloaded, iSPYexplore is played offline meaning no further data is required.

Does iSPYexplore collect any personal data?

We do not collect any personal data and we use Google analytics to collect only anonymised data for general information about how people use the app.

Why does iSPYexplore need to know my location?

iSPYexplore needs to know your location to show you suitable venues in your area. Alternatively you can search for packs from the whole of the UK using our in-app map.

What age range is iSPYexplore explore suitable for?

iSPYexplore explore is designed to be played by children of primary school age. We encourage venues to create multiple packs to accommodate the various learning needs of a wide range of children. It is a very visual game so even if your child cannot yet read they can still have fun exploring!


Who creates the iSPYexplore PACKS?

You have full control of your packs content. We will provide you with detailed guidance documents to help you create your pack and will be on hand to help you should you require any further assistance.

How much will it cost?

iSPYexplore is a highly cost-effective alternative to creating a venue specific mobile app. By joining iSPYexplore you subscribe to an annual licence. Please contact our support team at support@ispyexplore.com for further details.

How do I know iSPYexplore is right for our venue?

We believe iSPYexplore can work in any venue that is working to meet child friendly initiatives. All the game needs are some fun artefacts to find that will appeal to children and a little engaging information to create a fun and enriching experience.

Can I have more than one PACK at my venue?

Yes, your annual license allows you to create as many packs as you wish for your venue. You can have up to 5 LIVE PACKS at any one time. Creating more than one PACK for your venue will allow you to showcase different areas of your venue and allow you to appeal to different age groups. Special event packs or exhibition packs are also encouraged.

Can I alter the PACK after it is LIVE?

Yes, you can change and update images and text across all areas of your PACK as often as you wish at no extra cost. You will send the updates to the app via the Content Management System (CMS) and all players opening your PACK will simply need to "update" before playing.

Is the Content Management System difficult to use?

No it isn't. We have streamlined the process to make it very easy to use and data entry is via a web site on the cloud. Basic photo editing software will be required to ensure all images are correctly resized prior to upload. Further to that our support team will be on hand to assist you with any questions you may have.

How can I promote the game at my venue?

Marketing materials such as drop-down banners, posters, leaflets and reward certificates to promote the game at your venue can be supplied to you at cost. You may choose between generic or personalised branded assets and our graphic design team will be happy to help.

We don't have Wi-Fi at our venue is this a problem?

No, both the iSPYexplore explore game and the venue PACKs are designed to be very light on data usage and typically take less than 30 seconds to download over 3G/4G. No further access to data is required for users playing the game.

How will I know if people are using the game at my venue?

The CMS provides you with a daily updated dashboard detailing numbers of downloads/plays/completions on daily/weekly/monthly time scales.

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